New Look 6323 Tunic

I tried googling NL 6323 (corrected number) and noticed that no one else has written about it! I made view D, the tunic with an even hem, on Thursday evening.

I chose size L, which was the closest to my full bust measurement of 40 and waist of 33. Why did I not remember what happened the last time I made a New Look pattern? It was too big. The sleeves were a couple inches too long, covering my hands, and the shoulders hung out somewhere at the top of my bicep. I wore it to work anyway. I liked the fabric, a rayon jersey from FashionFabricsClub.

I constructed it all on the server. I liked the neckband directions and thought it made a nice finish. I used clear elastic on the shoulder seams. I ignored the sleeve sewing directions and used Crafting a Rainbow’s instructions.

I’m going to make another one this weekend in size M. This time, I’ll check to make sure the shoulders are narrow enough for me.

I’ve been wanting knit tunics to wear with leggings to work, and this pattern is perfect for that. I bought bulk leggings already, but I’m tempted to make more with the included pattern.

I’ll include photos when I get some taken! I’m blogging from the car on the road. 😀



Bootstrap Fashion 8000: Short-sleeved Dress with Belt

I decided to try a Bootstrap Fashion pattern because I am particularly hard to fit right now. I tried the free pattern, 8000, the short sleeved dress.

I had a bit of a mishap trying to put in a lining. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it was a twisted mess. I cut it out just so I could see how the dress would fit.

I put in the invisible zipper so perfectly. The waist lined up in the back. The armscyes turned out to be too small and I had limited range of motion. There is also wrinkling where I sewed the armscye facings on. The curves there are extreme. I did clip the curves. That didn’t do much.

I had enough room for my stomach, my bust, and my hips, although there was extra room on the sides of the skirt and it has a strange, exaggerated hip curve. I probably put in inaccurate measurements.

I will try Bootstrap Fashion patterns again, after I remeasure myself and put in the new measurements.


I’ve Been Quiet, but I’ve Been Sewing

That title pretty much sums up what many sewing bloggers say to explain their absence online. This is part of the reason why I have been quiet on this blog.

I have been sewing, but it’s been going slowly due to me taking a writing class online and having wicked tendinitis flare-ups. Since the last time I posted, I think I made a skirt, a dress, a shirt, an attempt at a skirt muslin, and three muslins of pants. (I did not end up with a pair of pants at the end of the pants fitting class I took because I needed, and still need to, make so many changes to the pattern so that it fits me.)

I’ve also been gaining an absurd amount of weight. Since we moved, I’ve been sad, lonely, and physically unable to exercise, so I eat things like ice cream because I am not enjoying large swaths of my life, but I enjoy ice cream. Gaining more weight has exacerbated the reason why I can’t go walking, cycling, or swimming. It’s a cycle.

I don’t want to sew for this body, the biggest body I’ve ever had. It’s frustrating. Most straight size patterns don’t fit me, and if they “fit,” they look awkward as hell.

Today is my first day of dieting (again), but this time I am really determined to lose the weight so I can be active again (and enjoy sewing for myself more again). I’m giving counting calories another go, using My Fitness Pal. I have to spend tonight planning meals and going to the store to stock up. I have to say no to junk.

I also want to focus on sewing flowy clothing, like what Thornberry wears, so I can be comfortable. (I love her use of color and shape in sewing! Also, I love loose waists. Rather, loose waists love me.) Right now, all my clothes are so uncomfortable for me. I think I need to adapt to where I am right now while I work on getting to where I want to be.



New Look 6145 with Collar in Ponte

I made New Look 6145 in a size 18, which correlates with my measurements.


It is very loose, even under the arms, which indicates that it is too big. What a difference fabric makes! The first time I made this dress, it was in stiff wax cotton, and I could hardly move my arms, though the dress was loose. I need to take in the sides by at least a half an inch either side.


This time, I sewed the sleeves in flat. It was my first time doing so and it was way easier than in the round! I used this tutorial. I also used a zig zag stitch, 1.5 in width, to sew the sleeve hems and side seams. Everywhere else, I used a straight stitch.

I haven’t done the hem yet, as I want to take in the sides first.

The next project will be pants, for the pants fitting class.

What Happened in 2015

I had goals for 2015. I said that I would sew one garment a month. I didn’t do that. I did, however, start at least one garment per month, then gave up because the fit was bad or lost interest at the zipper or hemming stage.

Towards the end of the year, I also had little sewing time. I moved, traveled overseas, got married, and traveled to three more places. There hasn’t been one month that I’ve been totally at home.

(An aside: I ended up wearing the Trashy Diva Honey dress in white for my wedding dress. It had lovely folds in the front. A little girl stared at me in the marriage license office, probably thinking I was either a princess or a kook!)

This year, I want to work on developing fitting skills. I also am working on losing weight. This is chiefly for my health, but I also know I will like how I look in what I make when I am smaller.

I signed up for a pants fitting class at one of the local fabric shops. It starts in a couple of weeks. While searching for a plus size pants pattern, I’m noticing that there aren’t many, and what exists is stretchy or has an elastic waistband. For the purposes of this class, I need a regular waistband and woven fabric. I found one See and Sew pattern that covers my size at JoAnn… And it looks like a fuddy duddy pattern. 😦 I thought about buying a Burda Plus pattern, but I’d have to print it somewhere, tape it, and add seam allowances. I could grade any pattern up, but I don’t really want to do that. I just want to make the muslin I need to have before the first class!

I’ve also been doing water aerobics for the past couple of weeks. I like it. I’m also focusing on making better food choices, which I really need to focus on when I’m traveling!

What are your goals for this year?


I’ve been in Gurgaon, India for the past two weeks. Gurgaon is part of the Greater New Delhi area. I’ve had a wonderful time here. Every night before bedtime, I’ve mentally reviewed each day. Almost every day here has been full of activity, sun, sweat, color, and strolling cows (my favorite).

Indan cow prancing Indian cow

I’ve bought a few kurtas here. I am not sure if I will wear them in the U.S. though, as I am not Indian and, you know, cultural appropriation. They are beautiful, though, and appropriate for wearing in India, which has somewhat more stringent modesty standards than the U.S. does.

I had a dress made for my wedding, but I don’t like it. Back to the drafting board/wedding dress website/department dressing room, I guess.

Seeing how other people live, especially seeing active temples of worship, has been fascinating. I’ve also enjoyed meeting new people on this trip, and putting faces with the names I already know. The monuments are, well, monumental.

#nofilter so beautiful

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A Sikh temple, very beautiful! The holy pond in the back was peaceful.

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I am ready to go home, though. I am ready to breathe clean air, and to drink as much water as I want from the tap. I am ready to go out by myself at night, driving myself somewhere to shop alone. I am ready to cross the street without guidance. 🙂 I am ready for our own bed and for our own cats.

Extreme lolling #cats #mainecoon

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Post-vet visit cat needs to sleep on a human to feel better

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I do miss my friends and family in New Orleans the most. What is home, anyway? I’ve been happier here in Gurgaon than I have for the past month. I think it has to do with all of the awesome people we’ve been spending time with for the past two weeks.

I cheer myself up by reminding myself that in a month’s time, I will be home for a whole week, and not only that–I will be getting married to the most kind, loving, smart, and funny man I have ever known.

Sewaholic Cambie Muslin: I Got a Lotta Work to Do!

I’m typing this from my phone, so please forgive any typos. This is my first draft of the Cambie, sewn in the largest size out of the packet. I need help! I welcome feedback. I think I need to schedule a lesson with a local teacher–the type who’s been teaching since the 60s–I need an expert who’s gonna tell it like it is! The look on my face expresses how i feel. Things I can see right off the bat:

  • The bodice is too long on me (waistband is near my belly button) (big poof of fabric in back)
  • Waistband dips in the front (potbelly issue?)
  • Stomach area is snug
  • Skirt feels okay, is a little overlong
  • Sleeves are giant (shoulders are narrow?)
  • Bodice is too loose around the bust (I am wearing a brand new supportive bra bought specifically for this event, so the bra isn’t the issue)
  • High left hip/longer left leg seems to be causing bodice wrinkles on that side
  • Is there anything I am not seeing? What type of adjustments should I make??? (I have FFRP and the Sarah Veblen book about fitting, but I am not sure how to translate those changes to myself.) Here are the photos:

Cambie front

Back, where you can see my high left hip/extra long left leg
Back, where you can see my high left hip/extra long left leg
The other side
The other side

Wedding Dress Update

(1) I decided to make the Cambie instead of the “easy” Butterick (because I like making things harder for myself?)

(2) We are now getting married in November, not January or December.

(3) As we have had company twice in September (the month we moved across country) and we have been working to take care of moving details, I have had very little time to work on this dress. So far, I have cut out the majority of the pieces for the muslin. I did that a few days ago.

(4) I am starting to panic and am considering buying a lovely cocktail dress for this shindig.

We’ll see what happens next!

Aside: I am on Instagram now. My feed consists mostly of cats and interesting things I see around SC and during my travels. Find me @freshly_sewn!

Vogue 1247: An A-Line Skirt in Black Twill

I got all excited about Vogue 1247 after seeing so many versions of the skirt portion online. As soon as I could, I went to Hancock’s when the Vogue sale was on and bought it, along with a length of black twill (total of around $5) and the notions that are needed for the skirt.

Skirt Front:

Vogue skirt
Vogue 1247 skirt front (see how high the waist is? it’s the ridge under my shirt)

I was perplexed by how to position the front yoke for sewing the horizontal seam that connects the pockets, the skirt front, and the front yoke. I realized that I had to flip the pockets up, so they were above the skirt front, after understitching the pockets and then match the yoke front to the rest so that both sides of the pockets lined up and so that the middle seam lined up as well. Because the front yoke and the skirt front have curved side seams, the fabric doesn’t quite lay flat as you sew the seam.

I serged most of the seams in this skirt because I am impatient and I also sew very slowly, in short bursts of activity.

Because my waist and hip measurements are 1″ larger than the measurements listed for the largest size on the envelope (18), I reduced the front darts by 0.5″ each, and I sewed the side seam starting under the point of the dart at 3/8″. I thought about doing a full butt adjustment, since that’s where most of my “hip circumference” lies, but I didn’t for this version.

Skirt Back:

Vogue 1247 skirt
Vogue 1247 skirt back. See how my shirt pulls up in the back. I need more room for the rear (and for, well, everything) in all my clothes.

I lengthened the skirt by 6 inches, going from 15″ in length to 21″. I’m 5’4″. I also plan on wearing this skirt to work and need more coverage. It all still fit on the 1 1/8 yards required by the pattern! Magical!

The cotton twill from Hancock’s is soft and fairly substantial. I bought the same type of twill for my man’s shorts, due to the softness and weight. It shows chalk marks really well and behaves on the machine.

I love the hidden pockets on the front. This will be perfect for going out dancing, when I don’t want to carry a purse.

Edit: I wrote this post three months ago! I saved it as a draft because I didn’t have any photos. Cut to the zaniness that happens after a job change (for my man), a proposal, a move, and a job change (for me). I now live in South Carolina, and let me tell you, there is a big difference between here and New Orleans, Louisiana! I’ve been adjusting to the new environment and haven’t had much time for sewing during this whole move. I did, however, purchase a tiny tripod and a remote to use with my phone, and I tried that setup for the first time yesterday to photograph this skirt. The photos aren’t the best, but they’re my first!

Butterick 5748: Wedding Dress Contender; Also, Moving

I’ve decided that I would like to make Butterick 5748 in a fancy fabric for our elopement. I like the very full skirt and the low scoop back. I might find a bolero to make or buy to go over it, as we are considering a December or January wedding date. Hmm. So many options!

I don’t have much time to think about the options, though, as we are moving to South Carolina next week! I have been job hunting since I learned that we would need to move, and so far, I haven’t had much luck in finding a full-time position. Wish me luck in finding a job there!

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