Simplicity 1668 elastic waisted pants

Simplicity 1668 Trousers in Corduroy

I made Simplicity 1668’s pants in a lightweight red corduroy in size 18. They were a pretty easy sew, having an elastic waist. They’re basically like pajama pants, but with a slimmer fit. These pants were not a win for me (for many reasons). First, I chose the wrong size for myself; I should have chosen a smaller size.

Simplicity 1668 elastic waisted pants

Simplicity 1668 pants–too big.

After trying them on to check the fit and the elastic length, I didn’t bother to hem the legs or to finish sewing in the elastic (after untwisting it). It’s hard to tell the front from the back from looking at the pants, which is automatically a bad sign. There are drag lines galore, and the hip shape is too curvy for my actual hips. I’m not sure if sewing a smaller size would make these more appealing on my body; these pants have a dated look.

If you have any recommendations for an elastic-waisted pant pattern that has more seat room and a more modern fit, please share in the comments.


Butterick 6178 Culottes in Black Linen

I started on these Butterick 6178 culottes about three months ago. I promise you that they don’t actually take that long to sew. With the one-two punch of my sewing room being uninhabitable due to summer heat and me being on travel for part of the summer, my sewing pace slowed considerably.

Butterick 6178 culottes

These culottes are made of black linen from Ebad Fabrics in Manhattan. The linen is flowy and slightly see-through. I sewed a size 18 and added about an inch to the back rise of the culottes to allow for more booty room. I did not follow the directions for the waistband; I didn’t interface it and I folded it in half before sewing it to the pants. The waistband is finished with a zigzag.

I enjoy these culottes and I am excited that I finally finished them!