Resolutions for 2019

I partially achieved my goals for 2018. Here are my revised goals for 2019:

Sewing Goal

Sewing comfortable items that fit my style

I have very little time to sew, so I want to sew things that are for the life I lead. I travel a lot, so I don’t want to worry about wrinkles. I would like to explore knits more. That’s what I buy when I go to the store. On the other hand, I have a stash of mostly wovens, so maybe I need to think about a destashing sale.

Social Goal

Meeting new people and making friends where I live now

I’ve met a couple of people where we live now, but I would like to build a community. There’s nothing like having someone to hang out with on the weekends!

Personal Improvement Goal

Improving my Spanish vocabulary and strengthening my ability to have a conversation

I’m keeping this goal. I now live in a place that has more hispanohablantes than any other place I’ve lived before and I would like to be able to better communicate with people who speak mostly only Spanish. I would like to try to take a night class this year.
Professional Development Goal

Learning HTML and CSS, then perhaps JavaScript

Creating a portfolio of original work

I started working on learning HTML and CSS in 2018. I would like to continue my studies there and create some samples. If I feel comfortable with progressing at any point during the year, I will start working on learning JavaScript. It’s so important to build a skillset!



  1. Look for a group of people that also like to sew! They have always been my therapy group, my inspiration group and new friends when I lived in faraway places. Maybe there’s a MeetUp group or check for the American Sewing Guild in your area for neighborhood groups. Our group here in Colorado have been meeting for about 38 years. And, it’s not just for people that like to sew. There’s quilters, knitters, weavers, people that dye fabrics and more. If there isn’t a group—–Start One! I think sewers are the kindest, most genuine people and always wanting to help you with your projects. Good luck on all those other goals. PS- are you participating in ads on your blog, because I hadn’t signed up for them and they’re on yours, too.



    1. Thanks for commenting! I did start a group and had several meetups, but hardly anyone came. One day, it was just me. 😦 But I’m trying book clubs and other things too. I’m not actively participating in ads; they appear because I have the free version of a WordPress blog. Were any of them offensive? I was thinking of doing a paid site again to get rid of the ads.



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