Eileen Fisher Style

I’ve been drawn to the Eileen Fisher aesthetic lately. The fabrics the brand uses   are lush and the shapes are relaxed. It seems like the brand is meant for people who want to be comfortable, yet elegant. Can anyone suggest a store where I could find merino wool knots and silk knits? I want to add that lushness to my wardrobe.



  1. You can find very nice fabrics from Emma One Sock online. All the ones I’ve bought from her have been top quality–expensive but you get what you pay for. I’ve always told my students to buy the best you can afford. Quality fabrics will give you an excellent base in your wardrobe. You can take a well-fitting jacket pattern and make it in denim or make it it a beautiful raw silk. Just depends on your desires. If you get stuck on something you’re sewing, let me know.



    1. I’ve never purchased from Emma One Sock before, but I have heard her fabrics are amazing. Once I have a top, a jacket/long sweater, and a pant down, I’m going to make myself an Eileen Fisher-esque mini-wardrobe. I love touching the Fisher pieces in the store, but the price is so shocking to me!! I know it’s the cost of American-made clothes in natural, luxury fabrics, though.



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