Resolutions Followup

In January, I posted my resolutions. I would like to revisit those resolutions and see where I am with them now, in October.

The resolutions:

Social Goal

Meeting new people and making friends in the town we are moving to

I’ve made some progress in this goal recently. I have met several people in my area via an app. I’ve also connected with old friends who live in a nearby city.  I started a sewing meetup in my town and have met people through that channel as well. I hope to keep meeting new people!

Personal Improvement Goal

Improving my Spanish vocabulary and strengthening my knowledge and use of the complex verb tenses by taking advanced classes or going to language exchange meetups

I haven’t been able to take a Spanish class, since my work schedule involves unpredictable travel, but I have been using apps and going to language exchange meetups to practice having conversations. I would like to do more of this…I still feel very awkward when I speak, and I understand what people are saying to me much better than I can respond to what they’re saying.

Professional Development Goal

Learning how to use Adobe Technical Communication Suite programs, probably by taking classes (this can be on-going and go into 2019)

I have not made progress here, but I have learned more about Visio and about ERP systems, so I feel like I’m achieving the spirit of this goal.

I also want to make so many things, but I don’t seem to have enough time to take care of everything I need to do and have time for all the things I want to do. I want to do fun stuff outside of the apartment; I want to read; I want to watch my shows; I want to take walks in the park. We’ll see how I balance it all.


Simplicity 8179: Lounge Pants with Pockets

I’d been looking for a pattern for pajama pants with pockets for a while when I found Simplicity 8179.

I like the way the pocket is formed, with a pocket facing and topstitching.

Simplicity 8179 Lounge Pants

Simplicity 8179, Lounge Pant Pocket

I sewed a size Large. The fabric is a flannel from JoAnn Fabrics. I decided to not add the leg facing due to the pants already being more than long enough for me, a woman 5’4″ tall. I plan on sewing these again for my husband in the same size.

Simplicity 8179 Lounge Pants

Simplicity 8179 Lounge Pants

I do like how the pockets are large enough to hold a packet of tissues (essential for the winter sniffles) or a phone. This was a “regaining my sewing energy” project, so it’s not perfect, but I am so happy to have the finished product. I’d like to find an easy top to sew to match.

Eileen Fisher Style

I’ve been drawn to the Eileen Fisher aesthetic lately. The fabrics the brand uses   are lush and the shapes are relaxed. It seems like the brand is meant for people who want to be comfortable, yet elegant. Can anyone suggest a store where I could find merino wool knots and silk knits? I want to add that lushness to my wardrobe.