Simplicity 1716

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to tackle my pile of unfinished items. When I get to the end of a project, I make a mistake, and I get really frustrated right away. So, it goes in the drawer. I moved across the country with this one, unfinished. I made Simplicity 1716, view D, starting in 2012 I think. The problem here was that I sewed the armbands on the wrong way and then I doubled down on that decision. My solution last night was to cut off the armbands, since it would be really really hard to unpick the stitching, and to sew on new armbands. I left the hem unfinished, as the slinky jersey and my sewing machine were having a fight, even with the walking foot on.

Front View
Simplicity 1716, View D, front view
Actual Back View
Simplicity 1716, View D, front view

Looking at these pictures, I have some serious posture issues. My shoulders are uneven, and my high left hip has become even higher after having physical therapy for my right knee. This means that every skirt or dress I make gets caught up on my left hip, and hangs lower on my right hip. I need to learn the adjustment for that. I also have forward head and forward shoulders from using a computer all day for…years, plus a nerve impingement in my left shoulder that the posture probably doesn’t help. You don’t realize the toll time takes on your body until you look at pictures of yourself.

On a brighter note, I took these pictures with a camera and tripod that my kind and generous mother-in-law has lent me. The camera doesn’t use a remote, so I have to use the self timer. I need to learn how to use the setup better.

One thing I like about this pattern is the pleat detail that helps to make the cowl neck. One thing I don’t like is the lack of waist shaping. I also think that the shoulders should be narrower, although that might be a personal issue and not a pattern issue.

Have you made Simplicity 1716? If so, how do you like it?


3 thoughts on “Simplicity 1716”

  1. It’s good you’re learning to see where your body shape differs from the pattern and you can definitely make those adjustments before you make something. For your hip issue, try pinning up the difference on the long side. Shorten both the front and back pieces the same at the side seams so they’ll match. It will be like taking out a wedge but only on one side. True up any funny angle that occurs so it will hang correctly. On this dress you’ll only be able to hem it shorter on the one side but the next one gets better. Your high hip looks like it needs a little more room across it too. Good job.
    If you think your body’s odd now wait till you’re a little older like me and see all the fun that happens. But when your clothes fit well no one will notice 😉


  2. It’s funny how you only really notice how badly you stand when your photographing how clothing sits on you. I did the same thing and only noticed my squint shoulder stance then too! Maybe we both need to work on our posture??
    Looks like a good pattern though and I love your fabric


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