New Look 6145 with Collar in Ponte

I made New Look 6145 in a size 18, which correlates with my measurements.


It is very loose, even under the arms, which indicates that it is too big. What a difference fabric makes! The first time I made this dress, it was in stiff wax cotton, and I could hardly move my arms, though the dress was loose. I need to take in the sides by at least a half an inch either side.


This time, I sewed the sleeves in flat. It was my first time doing so and it was way easier than in the round! I used this tutorial. I also used a zig zag stitch, 1.5 in width, to sew the sleeve hems and side seams. Everywhere else, I used a straight stitch.

I haven’t done the hem yet, as I want to take in the sides first.

The next project will be pants, for the pants fitting class.


What Happened in 2015

I had goals for 2015. I said that I would sew one garment a month. I didn’t do that. I did, however, start at least one garment per month, then gave up because the fit was bad or lost interest at the zipper or hemming stage.

Towards the end of the year, I also had little sewing time. I moved, traveled overseas, got married, and traveled to three more places. There hasn’t been one month that I’ve been totally at home.

(An aside: I ended up wearing the Trashy Diva Honey dress in white for my wedding dress. It had lovely folds in the front. A little girl stared at me in the marriage license office, probably thinking I was either a princess or a kook!)

This year, I want to work on developing fitting skills. I also am working on losing weight. This is chiefly for my health, but I also know I will like how I look in what I make when I am smaller.

I signed up for a pants fitting class at one of the local fabric shops. It starts in a couple of weeks. While searching for a plus size pants pattern, I’m noticing that there aren’t many, and what exists is stretchy or has an elastic waistband. For the purposes of this class, I need a regular waistband and woven fabric. I found one See and Sew pattern that covers my size at JoAnn… And it looks like a fuddy duddy pattern. 😦 I thought about buying a Burda Plus pattern, but I’d have to print it somewhere, tape it, and add seam allowances. I could grade any pattern up, but I don’t really want to do that. I just want to make the muslin I need to have before the first class!

I’ve also been doing water aerobics for the past couple of weeks. I like it. I’m also focusing on making better food choices, which I really need to focus on when I’m traveling!

What are your goals for this year?