I’ve been in Gurgaon, India for the past two weeks. Gurgaon is part of the Greater New Delhi area. I’ve had a wonderful time here. Every night before bedtime, I’ve mentally reviewed each day. Almost every day here has been full of activity, sun, sweat, color, and strolling cows (my favorite).

Indan cow prancing Indian cow

I’ve bought a few kurtas here. I am not sure if I will wear them in the U.S. though, as I am not Indian and, you know, cultural appropriation. They are beautiful, though, and appropriate for wearing in India, which has somewhat more stringent modesty standards than the U.S. does.

I had a dress made for my wedding, but I don’t like it. Back to the drafting board/wedding dress website/department dressing room, I guess.

Seeing how other people live, especially seeing active temples of worship, has been fascinating. I’ve also enjoyed meeting new people on this trip, and putting faces with the names I already know. The monuments are, well, monumental.

#nofilter so beautiful

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A Sikh temple, very beautiful! The holy pond in the back was peaceful.

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I am ready to go home, though. I am ready to breathe clean air, and to drink as much water as I want from the tap. I am ready to go out by myself at night, driving myself somewhere to shop alone. I am ready to cross the street without guidance. 🙂 I am ready for our own bed and for our own cats.

Extreme lolling #cats #mainecoon

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Post-vet visit cat needs to sleep on a human to feel better

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I do miss my friends and family in New Orleans the most. What is home, anyway? I’ve been happier here in Gurgaon than I have for the past month. I think it has to do with all of the awesome people we’ve been spending time with for the past two weeks.

I cheer myself up by reminding myself that in a month’s time, I will be home for a whole week, and not only that–I will be getting married to the most kind, loving, smart, and funny man I have ever known.


2 thoughts on “India”

  1. Aww! Don’t cats jut know how to relax and look comfy! There’s no picture of the dress you didn’t like? Try it on again when you’re home, maybe it will look better then! Your trip looked fabulous.


    1. Thanks, it was! These cats are masters of relaxation. 😀 I will reconsider the dress, but I tell you, I was crushed when I tried it on. It fit well (and they made it based off of my measurements and a drawing), but I felt the stitching and pressing were sub-par.


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