Wedding Dress Ideas?

Good news, everyone! My gentleman asked me to marry him and I said yes! I’m so excited about becoming a family, a unit, a team. He is honestly the best and the sweetest; he gets me and I get him.

One of the first questions people asked me after I told them we were engaged was, “Will you make your dress?”

Now, you know I am incredibly slow at sewing. I take frequent breaks, and sometimes life gets in the way. With that being said, I’d like to try.

I am not sure what I want, other than “vintage,” “flattering,” and “not fussy.” I would like it to be like a cross between a cocktail dress and a gown. It can be knee length or ankle. I don’t want sleeves, and I rather like the idea of a halter. I do like details like pleating and small gathers. I do not want beading or lace because I don’t want to sew with that. I think 30s bias cut, 50s circle skirt, or 70s drapiness would look nice on me. I’ve seen a few wedding Cambies out there.

If you could sew a casual wedding dress, what pattern would you sew?


11 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Ideas?”

  1. I am going through the exact same process here, wedding in 9 weeks! I have gone through a few reconsiderations, as we changed location from English countryside to Caribbean beach.
    My main priority was that I didn’t want a wedding dress, I wanted a white dress to wear at my wedding, so I excluded all the classics: lace, tulle, chiffon, etc.
    I Pinterested like mad for a few months to refine my ideas and came up with a bodice I liked and a skirt that worked with it. Then I looked for existing patterns that would be close to that. For the original dress, I bought a vintage pattern, then ended up drafting my own. Never ended up makign it, but I toiled and still have the pattern if I ever decide to make it.
    For the beach dress, I looked for a pattern for the bustier bodice, but ended up draping on the stand, as I couldn’t get any to fit me right.
    So my advice would be to find a dress on Pinterest or Google images that you like, just to get the visual aid and then look for the approximately matching pattern, and don’t be afraid to look for Big 4s as well.
    Good luck with it!


      1. Thanks! I think I’m getting a bit scared now by the enormity of the task, it’s exactly 2 month today until we fly off to get married. Time is ticking :(.


  2. Congratulations!! I didn’t make my wedding dress (I ran out of time). But, I still look at vintage wedding dress patterns for kicks. I don’t have any specific suggestions, but love the ideas you’re having. Good luck! Can’t wait to see your progress.


  3. A friend of mine is basing a wedding dress on an photo she found of a Philip Lyn dress. Cowl front, batwing sleeve, slit back with a tie at the neck and simple bias cut long skirt piece. Maybe have a look at some of his dresses for even more inspiration, and congrats!


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