Simplicity 8523: A Loose Top

Backtracking a bit: I finished the Vogue dress, except for the hem. The fabric around the zipper puckered, as it did on every seam, and the bodice fit loosely in a weird way, while the skirt was snug on my curves. I probably should have done a 16 in the shoulders and 18 in waist and hip.

On to the Simplicity 8523 top! I chose to make view D, the scoop neck with sleeves. I read others’ reviews of this top and I knew that it would be a loose-fitting top, which I wanted. I used fabric that I found at a thrift shop, something light…maybe a rayon challis? I already had the thread and interfacing in the stash.

front top
Whoops, facing on the loose!

I found this top to be easy to put together. This was my second time doing sleeves and I have some gathers that I know shouldn’t be there, but I’m choosing to think of them as slightly puffed sleeves. I might be able to avoid this by sewing them in the flat, rather than in the round, as the pattern instructs. You can see this in the back view here (such an awkward view!).

back view
Back view, always so awkward.

The bust darts point to about an inch and a half above my bust apex, so that is something that I will adjust on the pattern for the next time I make this top.

There's a big difference here!
There’s a big difference here!

I believe I will make this again with the different variations. I wore it out for milkshakes and a stroll with my fella on a hot, humid night, and I found the blouse to me comfortable and breezy–the perfect thing for summer. The copious amounts of ease–I think it’s 6 inches or so–allow for airflow under the shirt.

I can move!!!
I can move!!!
The side vents allow room for hips.
The side vents allow room for hips.

After I work on inserting sleeves better and lowering the bust dart, I feel that this will become my go-to woven tee pattern. What are some basic woven tee or shell top patterns that you like?


7 thoughts on “Simplicity 8523: A Loose Top”

  1. It’s great when you find a pattern for yourself that fits you well! I would make the amendments you’ve spotted, make it again and then the variations on it are endless!!
    If the facing is annoying you then do what I did on this jacket. In this instance the print is so busy that you don’t even notice the stitching. Next time you make it replace the neck facing with a binding.
    Try it without sleeves and I’ve noticed in the shops recently very long vents like the image. To keep the arms covered wear a t-shirt underneath. I would do this anyway because of the long open side vents!
    About sewing the sleeve in?
    I would try sewing the sleeve in on the flat like you suggested but I used to watch the factory machinists put in sleeves and they would use the edges of their tiny scissors to manipulate the ease of the sleeve into the armhole!!??
    I’m trying to think of a way to show this.

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