New Look 6145: Completed

New Look 6145 front view
Here is the completed dress!

I was frustrated by the tent-ishness of the unaltered NL 6145, so I took it to Heather at Sew Fabulous and asked her to help me make it more fitted. She suggested that I draw (and sew) in a new waist curve and lengthen the back darts up to around my shoulder blades. I also made the new darts take in about an inch of fabric each. This is definitely an improvement over the original!

Here are some alternate views of the dress. It’s still not perfect, but it’s better. I think the lack of drape in the fabric contributes to all of the weird lumps as I move my body in the dress.

New Look 6145 side view
Here is the side view. The dress showcases my back curves.There are some odd folds back there, though.
New Look 6145 back view
Here is the back view.If it were any tighter, I wouldn’t be able to sit, but it still looks loose here.
6145 side view 2
Alternate side view. See how the fabric blouses in the front when I lift my knee. I think the stiffness of the fabric is contributing to that. What do you think?

I think I might try to make this again, using the alterations that Heather helped me do, but in a knit so that I can be more comfortable and so that there can be more drape. I really would like to have a flattering woven shift with sleeves. Maybe I should also try this in something like a rayon challis.

I will work on finishing the Vogue 9021 dress within the next week and will post it as soon as I can!


2 thoughts on “New Look 6145: Completed”

  1. I love your dress! The fabric print is just lovely and the alterations give it a nice fit (although I liked the original too, especially too, especially the gloves!) Have been caught out many a time with my choice of fabric being too stiff for the finished item, look forward to seeing the next one in a drapier fabric. All a good and fun learning curve though. In the meantime this looks just great, feel proud!


    1. Ah, thanks so much! The alterations really make a difference in terms of how good I feel in the dress. I love the fabric too! I bought it when I traveled to New York recently.


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