Cation Designs Dolman Tee: Making A Copy of a Copy

dolman tee
I wore it all day!

I like the idea of doing a “rub-off,” or a copy of a favorite garment. Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch wrote an informative post (and review of a book) about doing a rub-off that inspired me. I checked out the book she mentioned (from the library) and read it all, trying to memorize the techniques. I haven’t yet tried a rub off of a favorite garment, but I have tried someone else’s!

The first time I made the Cation Designs Dolman Tee, my results looked so twisted and crazy! My sewing machine did not like the fabric, a slippery soft mystery knit with lots of stretch. I used a zigzag and a ballpoint needle, but my machine attempted to eat the fabric at every turn. The worst part was my neckband, which rippled and twisted somehow. I blame it all on the sewing machine. Please excuse the awkward selfie.

Dolman tee

I did XL in the sleeves and L in the body, since people have said the arms run small on this top. The L turned out to be tight around my hips, and the shirt is rather long on my body. I decided I like the shape and general breeziness of this shirt, so months later, I made another–this time in size XL all over and entirely on the serger. Prepare yourself for another selfie!

dolman tee

This version is definitely better constructed than the previous version. I love my serger! I am not sure about the looseness in the body, though. I feel like I should adjust the pattern so that it nips in more at the waist and so that it is shorter. I think the band should be more in the vicinity of the belly than the hips, and currently the hem band is straining over my curves. I think the sleeve bands could stand to be tighter as well.

I would like to get the hang of fitting, and I think working with a simple pattern may help me, as there are only so many ways I can go wrong, I think. I’m also quite interested in doing a rub-off, which seems complicated. I’ll get there!


5 thoughts on “Cation Designs Dolman Tee: Making A Copy of a Copy”

  1. I was starting to feel disappointed because I thought I couldn’t leave a comment, but I found the button. First, I’d like to thank you for stopping by my blog. Next, I really like your blog name. Now, I’d like to say that I like the fit of your top, but I understand that you must first like the fit. I would recommend that you continue to perfect this pattern because you like it. Maybe, try it one more time. Lastly, I adore this stripped shirt.


    1. Thank you so much!! I actually got a compliment at work on my shirt, and the person didn’t realize I’d made it myself! It made me feel good about it. I think I will continue to perfect the fit because it really worked as a work top.


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