By Hand London: Polly top

I made this By Hand London top out of unlabeled remnants from the Joann’s sale remnants bin.

By Hand London Polly
Do you see the differences between the shoulders?

I did a few things differently, since I was working with remnants of cloth and of pre-made bias tape. One armhole and the neckline are finished with pre-made bias tape (orange and white). One armhole is finished with a facing (made of the blue fabric) from the Polly pattern. This is why one shoulder is wider than the other. I don’t think most people notice this, though, as the shirt sort of slithers around my body. It’s a bit wide and loose in the chest (and armhole) region, which is something that I never thought I’d say past the age of 17. I think I made a large. I suppose I should go down a size the next time I make it. I also sewed the shoulder seams at an inch, as I read that the straps were a bit long, and I think that was the right move for me. I do like how flowy the shirt is. It’s very cool to wear when it’s hot outside.

By Hand London Polly back view
A bit of extra fabric around the waist, or is it not enough fabric for the booty?

I will say that my back looks so awkward here, but none of us are used to looking at our backsides, right? I like how this top shows a lot of skin, but not in an uncomfortable way, for me at least. I also think I can only wear this shirt with jeans. It’s not meant for shorts.


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