New Look 6053, View E: A-Line Skirt

Right before Easter week, I made a version of New Look 6053, which I bought on a whim at Wal-Mart when I was there to buy a chest-of-drawers. (I’m so easily distracted by sewing sections.) Previously, I’d made a draft of it out of quilting cotton, using a zipper I’d bought in a lot from eBay which fell apart after I un-zipped and re-zipped it once. I liked the general fit of it, so I went ahead and made it again out of a bird-covered cotton I got at a Hancock’s sale two years ago.

I am judging my dodgy sewing of this skirt.
This is the definition of “stank face.”

My face is one of drive-by judgment. I did so many things wrong on this skirt! The lapped zipper is all kinds of crazy looking at the top (and I’ve done several lapped zippers just fine before!). My hem is uneven. The facing isn’t quite right. There’s an odd looseness in the front under my belly, like a little poof of extra fabric. I was assured that the skirt looks fine to anyone else. It’s what I think that counts, though!

This version is a size 18. My current measurements (33 waist, 43.5 hip) are slightly larger than what is stated for size 18, but I have plenty of room to move and the skirt does not dig into my belly when I sat down, which is excellent. I think I could shorten the skirt some. It has a little bit of the sister-wife vibe. The hem is turned under twice, which I think was a poor choice. I should have used bias tape to do the hem, since the skirt is A-line. I also needed to double check how I was applying the facing, as I’d already had to redo it once, having sewn the wrong ends together and serged the bottom part of the facing. The facing should have covered the zipper tape, and it didn’t on one side. I was frustrated after so many mistakes, which made me make more mistakes.

Here’s a little blogger pose for you, pigeon toes for a bird skirt:

Pigeon toes for birds!
This pose says, “I’m just a lil blogger, showin you my stuff.”

Here’s another one:

What am I even doing here?
I like to think of this blogger pose as the “putting out a cigarette with my shoe.” I was very much enjoying my photographer’s direction.

And here’s the back:

Baby got skirt back
The wind decided to highlight my assets.

I think I would make it again with a different, softer fabric, and maybe one in wool also. I did wear this skirt two times after making it, so I guess it’s okay, but there’s no way I’m letting anyone look at this zipper!


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