Sewing Fails

Everyone has sewing fails, but I think I have more than other people. My impatience grows as I get closer to the end of the project. I get distracted and then I make a terrible mistake. One sewing fail is a Simplicity 1716 dress. I was feeling good about it: a slinky purple sleeveless dress with a cowl neck. I cut the size according to my measurements. Things were going well until I sewed the armhole bands on inside out, using the triple stretch stitch twice, so tightly that it was impossible to unpick. I tried on the dress (way too late) and realized that it made me look like a giant purple rectangle.

purple dress thumbs down
I did not approve.

I was so angry that I stuck it in a drawer. I didn’t try to fix it. I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to wrestle with the seam ripper. Another sewing fail that I have is the Colette Sorbetto. My first version fit a little weird, but I went ahead and made the same size again with no adjustments…after I gained some weight. What was I thinking?? The bias binding, made from the same fabric as the blouse, started to unravel after I applied it. The bust darts are not pointing at the right location, as I didn’t know about relocating bust darts (and where they were supposed to go) at that point. I took that shirt on vacation with me and I wince every time I look at the photos. The following photo is not so bad, but really, it was bad.

Colette Sorbetto and cake
I look happy, but my shirt is crappy.

I just sewed a zipper on a skirt in a crazy way and then sewed the wrong side of the facing on what has to be the easiest skirt ever. Before that, I sewed another skirt that was extremely large and unflattering and then mangled the lining a little bit. I also just sewed my very first sleeve on backwards and I can’t be bothered to sew it on the right way. I broke a needle in my serger trying to fix a hole in my only pair of yoga pants. I had to take a little break after all that destruction. Is the trick just to do one operation per day, so I’m less likely to mess up? Probably, but I don’t know if I can sew any slower than “like a glacier.”


4 thoughts on “Sewing Fails”

  1. It is so frustrating when things go wrong, but the more you do (even if its wrong) the better you get. It is also very frustrating that you can’t ‘try something on’ before you make it. It is so hard to know whether a style will suit until it is almost finished and hours have been spent. I try hard not to get swept away by beautiful styles that I know just won’t suit me – but don’t always succeed!


  2. Sewing wadders happen to the best of us. I have a vertical rectangle shape and find that I often have to put front and back fish-eye darts in my dresses. I also tried to make the sorbetto and was unsuccessful, thinking back now, it may have been my lack of working with a downloadable pdf.


  3. I’m sure you don’t fail more than other people! Other people probably just don’t post about it? And haha, I am the same way! Get so impatient (also a little lazy/rushed) towards the end of the project.. Such a bummer this pattern didn’t work out for you either but the color looks nice and if you take in the sides a little I think it can still be saved! The Sorbetto looks great with that cardigan too. Eh better luck to us both next time 🙂


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