Sew Fresh!

One of my objectives with this blog is to promote diversity by representing a body type and look that is under-represented in the Sewing Blog Community.

Hundreds of sewing blogs exist already. There’s a pattern, though; the blogs that appear first in search results belong to young, thin white women. There is a lack of diversity among the top results. Sewing blog community members in places such as GOMI Craft and personal blogs have noted this. These blogs get the most traffic, and blogs by outliers tend to not get much attention, so they are overlooked and fall to the back of search results, if they register at all on the search engines.

That means that people like me–a woman of color with a little extra weight who is making her way toward middle age–don’t see their figures reflected as much in the endless photos of finished products. It’s frustrating because I do blog searches of particular sewing patterns to see what the finished item looked like, and what kinds of adjustments the sewist had to make to the pattern to make it fit. If almost all of the bodies modeling the garments are near the “standard” size and proportions, that is not helpful to me.

Pattern Review seems to present a more balanced representation of sewists, but the interface on that website is clunky and unappealing, and it doesn’t allow sewists’ voices to shine the way that personal blogs do.

Some blogs that I like include Sew Crafty Chemist, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, Miss Crayola Creepy, Idle Fancy, Clothing Engineer (whose body type is a lot like mine), and Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing. They present a variety of body types and fitting challenges; they also write very thoughtfully and methodically about sewing. I would like to do the same! I want to keep it fresh.


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